In Memory of Trapper

Trapper was a 13-year old Brittany spaniel, liver and white in color, with the softest brown eyes I have ever met. He came to my husband and I at a time when most of our four children had grown and gone away to college, and the three of us immediately became an almost inseparable trio. For 13 years he brought us so much unconditional love, and that love was returned a hundredfold. There wasn't a trip or a vacation we took unless Trap could come with us, and our family welcomed him with open hearts into their homes because they loved him almost as much as we did. Whether he was hunting pheasants in the field with my husband or sitting faithfully at my feet while I said morning prayers, he was there for us always, and we for him.

Trapper began to visibly age around 12 years, slowing down a bit, losing his hearing somewhat.....the usual process of growing older. But the summer of his 12th year took him downward quickly, with afflictions ranging from a sudden and bizarre infectious ear condition in both ears, to a neurological imbalance that caused him the loss of motor in his back legs, to complete loss of hearing, and finally loss of sight. He developed a serious cough that would keep him from sleep at night and plauge him almost as much during the day.

We knew the end was near, but making that final decision to let him go was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to endure. That last ride in the car to the vet that day was an experience we will never forget. There are no words to describe the horrible sense of loss and heartache. It has been almost two weeks since Trappy died, and I still break into uncontrollable sobbing from time to time. I wonder if the hurt will ever end. We had a private cremation for Trapper, and brought him home this week. Once again, he is united with us, if only in spirit.

And in the end, I reflect on his goodness, his unconditional love and loyalty, and what that meant to us, and I can't help but trust that one of God's creatures this good must certainly have made it safely to his eternal reward, where I hope we will meet again one day and cross that Rainbow Bridge together.

We love you, buddy, with all our hearts and will carry you there always.


Mom and Dad