In Memory of Kathie Hunter

Kathleen Hunter, an extraordinary woman, a gentle and compassionate human being, and an outspoken champion of animals, passed away on October 18, 2004. She was 66. Kathie is survived by sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, and by her beloved cat Nicola, who now resides in the care of long-time friend, Vicki Miller.

Kathie, who was a vegetarian all of her adult life, put her beliefs into action, and lived a life that spoke clearly of her reverence for all sentient beings. An advocate of animal rights, Kathie Hunter was one of the original founders of ARK II, the Animal Rights Network. She served as Executive Director of the Toronto Humane Society during one of the most tumultuous periods of the organization's history, and later went to work as a consultant with The Humane Society of Canada.

In private life, Kathie was a reflective woman who basked in the joyful company of her own animals. In most recent years, she and her little dog Gabriel were an inseparable pair, and his death, two months prior to her own (and of the same cause), left her devastated.

Kathleen Hunter was a loyal, loving friend, generous and openhearted. Moments shared with her were often filled with laughter and celebration; in times of sorrow she was a strong and stalwart companion.

A beautiful, radiant spirit! Kathie will be sorely missed.

Victoria Mihalyi-Miller
Salt Spring Island, BC

Words of Farewell to a Friend

Kathie's vision and mantra for this world was "A society that includes all sentient beings in their circle of care". She pursued it with unswerving dedication and with a courage that was marvelous and truly inspirational.

By example she encouraged others to analyze philosophical and ethical values and to be ever aware of the importance of applying ethical underpinnings to our lives. She showed a way of living that was inclusive of all sentient beings. Her circle of care was so wide and unflinchingly applied in favour of the non-human animals of this world no matter how hard that was to pursue.

It is often said that one person can't achieve much on their own, that they can¹t make a difference. Kathie's life is testament to the fact that they are wrong. One person can make a difference. Kathie did.

I want to say "Thank you Kathie for your friendship, your leadership, your wisdom, your humour and your counsel". On behalf of my family of non-human animals ­ my two rescued greyhounds, my intensely neurotic cattle dog and naughty little terrier, my three cats and three horses and my cantankerous little rooster and his sweet little hen, and through them on behalf of all non-human animals, I say: "Thank you Kathie for caring, for your compassion and for your relentless efforts to make a difference for us in this world".

Katharine Birks