Corky's Mother's Day Tribute to his Mom, Teresa

Corky's Mother's Day Tribute to his Mom, Teresa

In honour of Mother’s Day, I am writing this letter. I guess because I know that it will not be an easy one this year, I just felt that I had to say something. In actuality, I guess it is mostly because I really want to take this to let everyone know that I think my Mommy is the best, since I didn’t choose her, she chose me. You see, I’m adopted and although I do not have any memory of my other family, the one I live with now the one that made me into the “person” I am today. I am a sixteen-year-old cocker spaniel, and my name is Corky. I have lived with Theresa Reid for since I was fourteen months old. There are other members in the family, too, but my Mommy (Theresa) is the one I want to share stories with you.

Although I was born in Montreal, during the time I have lived in another place with the Reid family. We resided in the Trail (in the West Kootenays) and at different two homes here in Powell River. My home right now is in the Townsite, and I love to walk the Willingdon Beach trail and see the squirrels, other dogs and people. During my life, I have tried to help out my Mommy when I can. In my years, some of the jobs that I have include - working as a gardener (I learned to help out around the yard), an inspector (we once had a rat in our house once and I was the one who discovered it) and even a food tester (oh, that was when I ate some fruit cake at Christmas time and I got really sick.) I have even worked as a mail-dog as I was trained to carry the mail that had been delivered in my mouth and would drop it at someone’s feet. These are just some of the many jobs that I have had, but my Mommy has always been there watching me.

Since I have known her, she has gone back to spend time with family. Every year she goes back to Nova Scotia to be with them. This has been a big adventure for her as she travels alone, but she always comes home telling me stories of what she has done and seen. This year, was a sad one. I also saw my Mommy cry. Her own mother died and she had to go back to be with her family at Christmas time. I knew it was heartbreaking for her, and when she came home, I did my best to be there for her, not only as a friend and companion but also as a comfort. I felt it was the least I could do.

What I love best about my Mommy is how she is there for me. As I grow older, I know that she continues to be there for me. She has always watched over me and makes she that sure that I have a nice warm bed to sleep in, but there is also food and water in my dishes. She says good-night to me before she goes to bed, and she generally is the first person I see in the mornings when I wake up. She is there for me now when I am unable to do a lot of things on my own. I feel so special when she takes the time to comfort me, too when I am hurting or sad, just like she was there when I was happy and wagged my tag when I saw her coming.

My mommy is taking special care of me now. I am much older and it is her comforting stroke on my back, which makes me feel so much better. She carries me around and helps me to eat. I know that when I am sleeping, I am really dreaming. I am remembering special times and many happy moments.

I just wanted everyone else to know how special my Mommy is and even though I know this year will be a sad one, because I won’t be with her. I know in my heart that she beyond any doubt is my best friend.


Corky, sadly, was put to sleep on May 4, 2006 in the early hours of the morning, ten days before Mother’s Day. It was actually a nice time for him, as it was the happiest times of the day for him. He and his “mom” did a lot of things when the rest of the family was still asleep. While he remains sadly missed, he is, and will, be forever in our hearts.