As the global recession deepens and people look to elected officials for leadership, once more confusing parliamentary question period with reality, following an overwhelming vote at the European Union to ban the import of seal products, last week angry (and apparently proud) Members of Parliament voted to demand that Canadian Olympic athletes wear the skins of seal pups killed in sight of their mothers at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

For some strange reason (common sense and decency perhaps), the head of the Canadian Olympic Committee said politely and firmly that this was simply not going to happen.

Only the Green Party issued a news release stating that Parliament owed Canada’s Olympic athletes an apology for treating them in this fashion. The Green Party is wrong.

In fact, elected officials owe all Canadians an apology for the largest taxpayer funded slaughter of marine mammals anywhere on earth and for squandering billions of their tax dollars to prop up a sealing industry which would have already fallen by the wayside and which has rightly earned Canada condemnation in every corner of the world.

On behalf of the animals,