denali and new familyThe newest member of our family joined us today when we adopted a rescue Siberian Husky from our friends at the Toronto Humane Society. “Denali” is an eight month old spayed female who has a genetic condition known as “luxated patella” which means that the knee cap is off to one side instead of where it should be. Skilled surgery fixed one leg and we’re waiting to see whether the other needs to be repaired as well.

denaliShe has already had two homes that didn’t work out. The first because the people didn’t want a dog with health issues and the second because of her nature. Huskies are the closest thing in a cat you’ll find in a dog. Highly intelligent with energy to burn and a streak of independence a mile wide, they are not for every one.

However, like all animals, they need love, patience, time and energy. “Laika” is gradually working her way into the hearts of other fur faces, albeit with the odd growl and hiss, as they move over to make room for just one more.

Warm regards,