harpseal2a.jpgOnly with your help can we bring about an end to the largest taxpayer funded slaughter of marine mammals anywhere on earth.

There is no humane way to kill a seal pup on vast ice fields under uncertain and constantly changing weather conditions with sealers experiencing fatigue and frustration. Even the Canadian Government now admits that overfishing and not seals are responsible for declining fish stocks.

There are more than 33 million Canadians and less than 0.015% engage in killing seals during the short time frame that the hunt takes place. Repeated surveys by the Government of Canada show that less than 5% of Canadians hunt any wildlife at all and that 9 out 10 Canadian support the protection and not the killing of wildlife. If it were not artificially propped up by distorting trade subsidies, the annual seal slaughter would have ended decades ago. Tax weary Canadians are tired of elected officials and civil servants misusing their hard earned money to support the slaughter of seals.

In addition, billions of dollars are being lost through resulting boycotts of seafood, tourism and related industries and Canada’s international reputation continues to suffer because of their actions. Concerned groups have already announced their intention to boycott the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010. It is more expensive for Canadian taxpayers to pay for the annual seal slaughter than it would be to end it and pay sealers compensation and launch job training and skills programs.

Simply put, the seal hunt is an economic, political and animal protection disaster. It is a bad deal for people, animals and the environment...

A ‘made in Canada’ solution has been repeatedly ignored by Canadian politicians. The proposal included a financial promise in writing accompanied by a cheque from The Humane Society of Canada to provide seed money to start and help manage a federal government fund to buy back sealing licences and launch new initiatives to promote ecotourism; and they offered their expertise to enlist the goodwill of Canadians and others from around the world to match dollar for dollar the amount of money needed to end this cruel slaughter once and for all. The Humane Society of Canada is the only animal protection charity in the world to make such an offer.

For decades, millions of seal pups have been killed off the coast of Canada and it is time to end this terrible cycle of violence. Please support a plan by The Humane Society of Canada to buy back sealing licences and launch new initiatives to promote ecotourism


Michael O’Sullivan

Chairman & CEO