canmore bunniesThe Humane Society of Canada has written to the Mayor of the City of Canmore concerning the fate of the Canmore Bunnies.

Let us speak plainly in saying that the matter of the Canmore rabbits is not one of public health or safety; instead it is one of politics. Like all political
solutions applied to challenges facing interactions between animals and people they result in a miserable failure because they are intended to solve a political problem and not an animal welfare issue.

The suggestion by the current administration that the rabbits could be killed and then fed to other animals is pure sophistry inflaming the debate, rather than offering up any meaningful solutions. No matter how hard you try, you will not succeed in eliminating all the rabbits; in the end it will have the effect of stimulating the surviving population and producing even more rabbits.

In closing, we are willing to work with the people of Canmore to do whatever we can to implement a proactive humane long term solution for the rabbits and the people who care about them.

Please read the letter here.