puppypetstoreAug 17, 2011 - The CEO of the Humane Society of Canada says it's good business for pet stores to not sell puppies saying it's good for the dogs because local animal shelters and rescue groups were faced with the burden of unwanted pets and now the responsibility is back on the owners.


A national chain of pet stores is no longer selling puppies in any of its stores it said on Wednesday and is instead shifting its focus to pet adoption.

PJ's Pets announced that as of Sept. 1, the stores will focus on supporting pet adoption services in an effort to find homes for thousands of pets in local SPCA's, Humane Societies, rescue groups and shelters.

In Atlantic Canada, where the company's stores operate under the Pets Unlimited banner, the policy was adopted earlier this year.

Michael O'Sullivan, the CEO of the Humane Society of Canada, said that this move is good for animals because it reduces the amount of unwanted pets in shelters.

"I think it puts the responsibility where it belongs and it's wonderful for the animals," he said on CTV News Channel.

In each store across the country, there will be a dedicated area for adoption organizations to hand out brochures, pamphlets, handle adoption applications and show photos.

Some stores will also have kennel space reserved for shelter pets.

"You actually do an adoption process, so that the animals don't come back even to the shelter for the same reasons they came. And you look for a permanent loving home," he said.

O'Sullivan said the costs will likely be the same for adoption.

He said that pet stores have for years contributed to animal overpopulation and many shelters bear the brunt of people who buy pets on impulse and then change their mind.

"It's a long-term commitment and I think that people need to think it through," O'Sullivan said. "If you can't have an animal right now for one reason or another, volunteer at your local shelter."

He said that every year about 400,000 animals are put to sleep across Canada because there are not enough good homes.

Between now and Oct. 1, PJ's Pets will be working with private kennels to help find adoptive homes for their breeding dogs and any remaining puppies.

Source: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20110817/pet-stores-stop-puppy-sales-110817/