film equipmentAnimals on the Silver Screen is a campaign designed to monitor the training and use of animals in movies and television in Canada and abroad to ensure their safety and wherever possible develop and use alternatives, such as computer generated images (CGI), to replace the use of animals in action scenes where they could potentially get hurt. We are working to establish enforceable standards for productions filmed in Canada and for Canadian companies which film abroad, including a requirement that scenes depicting cruelty be removed from any broadcast or viewing of the final film.

In regards to the depiction of violence towards animals on Canadian television, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has created the following recommendations from its Code of Practice:

9.0 Violence Against Animals

9.1 Broadcasters shall not telecast programming which sanctions, promotes or glamorizes violence against animals.

9.2 Broadcasters shall not be restricted in the telecast of legally sanctioned activities associated with animals. In such telecasts, judgment shall be used in the selection of video and associated audio, particularly if the telecast is broadcast outside of late evening hours.

In the United Kingdom, under the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act of 1937, the depiction of violence towards animals, as well as goading of animals for the camera is outlawed.

Our colleagues at the The American Humane Association are the leading authority on the treatment and welfare of animals in movies. You can learn more about their organization here

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