Protect wildlife now by becoming a "Wildlife Guardian" and work with us to protect endangered species across Canada.

Although Environment Canada is supposed to be the leading government agency, providing national leadership for the passage of a federal endangered species act, the working paper they have produced entitled: "A National Approach to Endangered Species Conservation in Canada" provides no practical solutions and, even worse, public workshops held across the country were poorly advertised in order to deliberately restrict public participation and involvement.

Elected officials and civil servants are saying there is no money to protect endangered species and their habitat. This is simply not the case. For the average tax weary Canadian, tired of inefficient government agencies wasting their tax dollars, Wildlife Guardians represents a new opportunity to educate and inform people about what is happening before it is too late. We intend to provide constructive solutions to demonstrate how funds and resources can be made available. Remember, no one is asking politicians to part with money that actually belongs to them -- instead Canadians are demanding that they return a very small portion, about $1 per Canadian each year, to protect endangered species and their habitat.

  • Past disagreements between the various levels of governments are a very real obstacle to the protection of endangered species and their habitat. In Canada, politicians at almost all levels of government must also vote along party lines and, for this reason, it is important that you make your views known in order of priority to:

    • Provincial Member of Parliament of Legislature;
    • Provincial Premier or Territorial Leader;
    • Federal Member of Parliament;
    • Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Politicians pay far more attention to letters written by individuals or classrooms than they do to phone calls, petitions or post card campaigns. Any letters should be polite, firm and factual. However, you must make it very clear that party politics and regional disagreements must be set aside to protect endangered species and their habitats. This single overriding factor must outweigh all of their other political considerations.

  • Your letter can include information contained in this package, and the important points to emphasize include:

    • identification and protection of endangered species and habitat;
    • recovery plans for species and habitat at risk;
    • comprehensive public review before development projects
    • the human, financial, technical resources needed to get the job done;
    • in addition to being economically valuable, the overwhelming majority of Canadians are willing to pay to protect endangered species, even if they cannot make money directly from them.

  • Work with your friends, family and other members of your community, or classroom, to come up with creative activities to promote public interest and education about the plight of endangered species and habitat.