caged tigerCaught up in the middle of someone else' s war, and abandoned during the conflict going on right now in Libya, the animals at the Tripoli Zoo are in dire straits, faced with a lack of both food and fresh water, only 10 of the zoo's 200 strong staff have returned, and are struggling to care for the animals, who are hungry and terrified by the sounds of gunfire, exploding bombs and aircraft screaming through the sky overheaed.  For CNN's latest coverage please click on CNN's article War's forgotten: Tripoli Zoo animals suffer, lacking food, water.

The Humane Society of Canada, whose staff have hard won experience working in war zones to help animals, is working right now to get badly needed support and supplies into the zoo to assist the beleagured animals and their caretakers.  In just one instance, HSC Chairman & CEO, Michael O'Sullivan mounted a relief mission in cooperation with the Canadian Armed Forces, British and American forces to look after the animals abandoned at Kuwait City Zoo during the first Gulf War.