2020 Humane Society of Canada Christmas Appeal

 “…Dog and HorseThis Christmas as we share in the warmth and joy of our beloved animal companions, please help us bring hope to animals less fortunate…” 

Dear Friend of Animals,

The situation facing animals is serious, the problems intimidating, the challenges immense. At the end of the day, help comes from those who make the personal sacrifices to get the job done. Caring people like you and I are all that stand between animals and those who want to harm them.

The good news is that with your love and donations, we are attracting more animal lovers to our family. Which means our new and improved programs make us better, stronger and faster when we work to shield animals from cruelty and suffering.

Take for example our Silver Paws Program, which supported a sanctuary for a number of senior pets, farm animals, horses and wildlife and New Dog and Cat in Snowwhich also helps elderly people care for their beloved pets at home. Sometimes the only friend they have left. Our Pet Recovery Team is an exciting program which reunites lost pets with their families through a special network which includes giving each person’s pet a unique id tag.

In these tough times animals are facing more clear and present dangers than ever before.  On my desk I have dozens of requests asking for help and it is difficult to turn down even one of them because every animal matters to someone and every life is important.

The Humane Society of Canada works across the street, across the country and around the world protecting animals and the earth with those who care about them. We have a proven track record that gets results. We rely entirely on donations to support our programs to protect animals and nature and each gift to help animals is personally acknowledged with a thank you letter and a receipt. 

Snowy OwlWe continue to fight hard against the Canadian Government’s efforts to support the killing of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, otters, polar bears, elephants and rhinos. Even as climate change sweeps across the planet causing an ever greater number of more intense hurricanes, forest fires, ice storms and disasters threatening the lives and homes of animals and wildlife and those who care deeply about them. In the fight against the cruelty to animals, in the face of overwhelming odds and the powerful enemies we have made, it is often tempting to give up.  Only four things keep us going. 

The look on each rescued animal’s face as they realize for the first time in their shattered lives they are safe. Second, the ever growing number of young people who are willing to carry the torch and fight to protect animals.

The third, is the kindness and generosity of caring people like you whose donations make all of our work to help animals possible. You remind us, each and every day, that no matter how hard it gets, we are not alone.Whales

And finally, the ones that haunt me the most.  The ones still out there that need our help; and the ones I couldn’t save. The ones I wasn’t fast enough or strong enough to save. So many animals need our help, our pets who are part of our family, and those that live in the wilderness, the oceans, the forest, fields and mountains. The complex network which supports all life on earth. 

For the sake of animals, please help us save one more life by sending in your lifesaving donation of $1, $25, $35, $50 or whatever you can afford.  Every dollar means we can help more animals and move ever closer to the day when the pointless abuse of animals will not be tolerated.  In challenging a world whose attitudes and conditions often defy human hope, with your help, we are making a difference. Capture3

If you can make a donation right away, a generous benefactor has agreed to match your gift $3 for every $1 you donate, tripling the value of your donation to help animals. If you can help, please send in your donation right away. 

If you would like to make an immediate secure credit card donation call toll free 1-800-641-KIND or go to our website at www.humanesociety.com

We promise to use every one of your hard earned dollars carefully and wisely.  We will never back down from a fight to save animals because you and I are that stand between animals and those who want to harm them.  And remember, when it comes to fighting cruelty, we don’t give up.  Ever.

FCapture1112rom our family to yours, best wishes for a Wondrous New Year,


Michael O’Sullivan
Executive Director

P.S. Like my mother and father who taught me about kindness towards animals, I’m nobody special, just someone who has the skills and the burning desire to save animals from cruelty and suffering.

Please help me save just one more life. 

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