A new study found that the area affected by forest fires in the Western United States has doubled over the past 30 years due in part to human-influenced climate change. Fires have continually gotten larger and larger, increasing abruptly in the 1980s, measured by area burned, number of large fires, and length of fire sessions. Scientists and public officials place part of the blame on human-induced climate change. Read the full story here.

Achieving sustainable development goals in order to end global hunger is possible if countries prioritize necessary resources. A new report outlines the progress being made around the world to end world hunger especially in developing countries but notes the need to bring technology, knowledge, resources, and a sense of urgency and political will in line to achieve these goals. Aquaculture development could be one aid in the progress toward ending world hunger. To read the full article, click here.

SAR dog on 9/11

As we remember 9/11 we need to renew our faith in humanity and remember that we are not in this struggle alone," says Michael O'Sullivan, Chairman & CEO of The Humane Society of Canada. In honouring all of those fallen, as well as the brave men and women working as part of the rescue teams at Ground Zero, The Humane Society of Canada also honours the search and rescue dogs.

The exciting launch of Auction Saurus begins at 7 pm tonight so set your watches and phones. Items are being added daily and animal lovers Michael and Sue have generously agreed to donate a portion of their sales to help protect animals.

World-renowned comic book creator, Stan Lee, has designed a Brotherhood Lapel Pin signifying unity and delivering an inspiring message of respect for all. To find out more and to order your pin, visit handsofrespect.com

Developers of a new tool which allows anyone to track commercial fishing trawlers all over the world hope it will help put an end to overfishing. Read the full story here.

The United States will gradually tighten regulations surrounding seafood imports to force countries to meet U.S. conservation standards, banning imports from countries whose fisheries kill more whales and dolphins than U.S. standards allow. Click here to read more.

summer dog in car

Toronto, August 5, 2016 – With a dramatic, hard hitting public service announcement: The Heat Is On, The Humane Society of Canada is again launching its nationwide campaign asking people to leave their pets at home during hot weather. 

Engineers at Cornell University have devised a method of making ethanol using an anaerobic microbe that feeds on carbon monoxide. Click to read the full story here.

In a rare instance, a wild beluga whale appears to have become attached to a fisherman undergoing cancer treatment. Off the shores of Hokkaido, Japan where Yoichi Ishigaki, 55, farms scallops, the beluga's endearing presence on repeated trips has been an empowering and hopeful spirit in his fight against cancer he says. Click here to read more.