From Our Family to Yours

istock_000001058480medium.jpgWith Christmas and the Holidays just around the corner this is a great time to reflect on those special members of our family. With their soulful eyes and the warmth of their unconditional love, that special bond with our animal friends has always been a source of comfort and joy.

There are many challenges that lie ahead of us in the months and years to come and with your help we are making a difference. Animals need all the help they can get and by becoming a member of our Monthly Animal Rescue Team , making a donation , leaving a gift in your Will, or purchasing a special gift from our Online Adventure Store , your kindness and your generosity means we can offer animals hope.

With your help, we can help sick, orphaned and injured animals; provide veterinary care for the pets of the elderly; mount rescue missions and teach children about kindness towards animals and respect for nature. We have had many accomplishments this year and you can take pride in knowing that none of them would have been possible without your help.

And never forget for a moment. When it comes to fighting animal abuse, we don’t give up. Ever.