Log 06 - 06 September 2005

The teams and I are running on empty, but I have some highlights to share.

The shelter in Lafayette is coming along nicely. We’ve been working with Virginia Lee, the Animal Control Officer for the City of Lafayette Police Department. She is one awesome lady. As one of the officers mentioned tonight, “she is cut from a different cloth.” The local staff here finally got a day off and so our team will be pulling an all-nighter to cover them. It has been since Tuesday that they were able to get away, and hopefully things will continue to improve for them. The Nashville Humane Society is bringing down a team to assist in this operation so that the American Humane Association can move into Gonzales and help the folks there.

Our water rescue teams had a good day today. Nick, Brian, Mark, and Mike brought in 14 cats on their first mission and finished the day by rescuing and bringing to safety 23 cats, one dog, and an albino snake. I guarantee you there are some happy folks tonight. Tomorrow, we will add Connor to the group so that we can get another team on the water. Friday we will add more teams and five boats. Hopefully a whole bunch of critters will be able to come home.

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