Log 09 - 1 September 2005

Operations started early as usual. The teams were out the door and into the field by 4 am. American Humane Responder John Marretti shared an interesting story about one of his feeding operations. He and his partner approached a house and heard what sounded like a human crying. They notified the federal emergency team in the area, which broke into the house, followed by American Humane. As they entered and looked around, moods were tense as our Responders didn’t know what to expect. Then, mystery solved! Inside was a tiny Chihuahua, happy to get food and water and be rescued to safety. Needless to say, John and his partner got a little ribbing from the federal emergency team.

American Humane Responders Meredith and Ginger, along with Sandy who joined us from ARL Boston, arrived in Gonzales from Lafayette in time to work the full day of backbreaking overdrive in Barn #5. Now going on 14 days of solid relief and rescue efforts with American Humane in the stifling heat and humidity, with only a few hours of sleep a night, they looked dead-on-their-feet. They went to bed looking forward to sleeping their first day off since just after Katrina hit. As the rest of us were preparing to crawl into our “beds” in tents and cars and rescue vehicles and bunks on the truck a handful of American Humane’s Responders went barreling from the staging area, snatching up their rescue gear as they ran. It was close to one in the morning after a full day in the field, but they had seen a loose dog running by, and they wouldn’t be getting into their beds until they’d gotten the dog to safety.

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