Log 10 - 14 September 2005

We have a new friend in the shelter section of our Rescue Rig. She’s been with us since last night, a black cat with a white chest and white whiskers who we’re all calling “Key Kitty.”

We received a Fed Ex package a few days ago at our staging area at Lamar-Dixon. Inside was a key and a note, asking the American Humane Association to please go save a cat that had to be left in an apartment when her family evacuated.

With only the hand-drawn map on the note to guide them, our rescuers took off to find the animal. The street address wasn’t even listed on the city map, but we kept looking. Finally, we got to the spot a four-story apartment building. We knew we’d have to be extra care, you never know how the storm has compromised the structure of the building. Team leader Holly Phalen and our volunteers went inside, shining flashlights through the dark hallways of the empty building. Finally a tiny kitten met us at the door of a unit. She’d been living alone without a supply of food and water for nearly two weeks.

Seeing how the teams responded to the cat was no different from the care and love I’ve seen them express over and over again since we got here. They hugged and pet this kitten, trying their best to let the animal know she’d be safe now. Everything would be alright.

I called the phone number the Key Kitty’s family had included in their letter and told the woman who answered that someone in New Orleans was anxious to say hello. As if on cue, the kitten meowed into my cell phone. The woman’s response reminded us all again just why we’re here.

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