Log 17 - 23 September 2005

Thursday, we were in New Orleans, doing everything we could before we knew we’d have to leave.

log172.jpgOne of the teams reported they were heading to a house in New Orleans in search of a particular cat. Finding that she wasn’t there, they began to leave, when suddenly five more cats wandered out of hiding spaces, seeing if they could have the food and water we brought. And, of course, they could.

Kerri’s team responded to a call to the third floor of an apartment building. They went up, but found no animal. Coming down, they heard meowing, and from out of nowhere, came the cat, bolting into one of the responder’s arms. Kerri said it’s as if the cat said, “It’s about time you got here!”

At one house, we entered and heard the sound of a bird whistling of all things: Beethoven’s 5th! We immediately started whistling back, trying to comfort her and letting her know help was here. We got to the talented bird, and also found a cat on site. We brought them both back to the shelter to safety and are pleased that both are doing fine.

log173.jpgAt our sleeping headquarters in one of the many RVs at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, a beagle and two cats have joined us. The beagle is the sweetest thing, and after the long days in the field, they make even our temporary crowded camper feel like home.

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