Log 18 - 25 September 2005

It’s hard to believe we’re starting our fifth week down here. More American Humane volunteers arrive and we quickly show them the ropes.

We head into New Orleans every chance we get, looking for animals and hoping against hope that we get to them in time. We work from the national database of animal rescue requests a great tool if all the animal welfare organizations use it. Sometimes it can be frustrating when they don’t. They say water ops in New Orleans can continue only for a few more days. We know we’re running against the clock, so we try to work faster and faster, all the time

log182.jpgThere are still so many animals at the Lamar-Dixon shelter. Our teams continually make the rounds there watering, giving food, petting, and hugging. We make phone calls, check in with other organizations, doing whatever we can to track down the owners. Some of the animals that we brought to the shelter are in critical condition from going so long without food and water before rescue teams could get to them. We didn’t know how the big Persian was going to do when she was brought in so severely dehydrated. We take turns checking in on her, and are pleased that she’s slowly recovering.

It’s not easy out here. Morale stays up when we find animals and get them food and water. And of course, it peaks when families come to the shelter and find their pets after searching row after row of housing. These families travel miles, driving through the flooded streets and past the destroyed buildings, all the time not knowing if they’ll find their pet at the shelter in Gonzales. Our hearts go out to every one of them who walk through the doors.

Some volunteers have had to leave, but others are showing up, which is great to see. We know our work is far from over. We are honored to stay.

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