Log 20 - 28 September 2005

At the team’s first house today, Responder Katie crawled through a window into the bathroom and landed in a bathtub full of muddy, moldy clothes. Once inside, she let the rest of her team through the door, and they began their search for animal occupants. Before long, the team found itself crammed in the bathroom again as the cat and dog they were searching for fled and took cover under the claw-footed tub that Katie had just crawled into.

The animals were startled by the group of strangers in their house, and the situation was complicated by the fact that the two didn’t appear to get along with each other. The team in the bathroom could hear the cat and dog hissing and growling and grumbling at each other from inside their hiding place. Our team needed to act quickly to get at least one of the animals out before the situation escalated, so team leader Mark sent the other Responders outside and closed himself in the bathroom. With slightly more room to maneuver, he was able to lift the tub enough to get a leash on the dog and hand it through the door to the responders waiting outside. The cat was not eager to be captured, but without the dog adding to the stress, Mark was able to get the cat in a crate, and both animals were taken safely from the house.

As the team conducted their next search, they were startled by what looked like a dead Chihuahua on the bed, but as they moved closer, they realized its wide eyes were tracking their movements. The animal had probably been startled from a nap and was scoping out the newcomers, frozen in fear. As soon as Mark picked the dog up, however, she began to move and respond and ended up being fairly healthy.

On the last stop of the day, on their way back to the staging area, the team only had time for one more stop and was overjoyed that they did. They discovered an emaciated hound dog that was severely dehydrated, but stable. They hooked him up to fluids and, by the time they got him to the vet, he was already doing better.

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