Log 24 - 6 October 2005

Today we had responders out in the field assisting with local animal control -- going door to door and feeding and watering animals. We’re still finding a lot of horses that need feed and water -- it has been difficult to find and then get to the horses because the areas are rural and have no close neighbors to direct us to them. Today we are being told about the ranchers in nearby Cameron Parrish who are having difficulty getting feed into the area for the hundreds of cattle there, so we’ve been working on getting grain and hay to them.

Yesterday, one of the teams brought in a Boxer that had severe chemical burns on his feet from standing in contaminated water. We transported him up to the LSU vet school for treatment.

log242.jpgTwo of our responders, both of whom have been with us since the beginning, finally went home and five new responders came in! Chris and Sue arrived to help out with animal care at the shelter, while Gina, Collin, and Ron arrived to help with animal control. Many of the responders have been at work 24/7 since Katrina, and then never had a chance to slow down once Rita hit. One local officer told me he has had two days off in the last 30 days! With the arrival of more help, the local responders and officers can finally take a day to visit and assess their own homes.

In the past five days, responders and officers have handed out 18,000 pounds of dog and cat food to a very grateful community! We are expecting another semi load in the next day or so. The weather continues to be hot -- the heat index today was 94, but we are supposed to get cooler weather soon, and everyone is looking forward to that. The heat takes a lot out of everyone -- especially while carrying and distributing 50 lb. bags of dog food!

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