Dear Michael,

My name is Clare and I am, as many are, an animal lover. I have three dogs and one cat, all of which I rescued from shelters or abandonment.

It is with a heavy heart that as a New an American we have lost so many innocent lives in this terrible tragedy. While most of the effort is to rightfully rescue and recover human lives first, I feel compelled to be a small voice and perhaps be one of many that may start or continue a chain effect of awareness for all the beloved pets of the victims which may not be returning home. I was hoping if at all possible could you please get the message out by internet, T.V. and Radio that if neighbors living in homes or apt. buildings that might hear cries of near by animals to please start checking if anyone is home or to notify superintendents so that if at all possible someone could get inside to feed, water or comfort any animal which owners may not be returning home to.

Please post something on your website about this and also please have a link on all website home pages so that as many people as possible can see this and possibly save the beloved pet of a victim who would have wanted someone to watch over, care, and love their pet as they would have.

Thank you for your time and God Bless You and your society for all the wonderful work you do.