You need to be ready to help your OWN pets and other animals. In times of natural and human caused disasters, animals are all too often the forgotten victims. Sad but true. Over the past 30 years, I have witnessed this over and over again here in Canada and in more than 80 countries where I have worked to help animals.

These forgotten victims often pay with their lives. But you can help. We need to stop this tragic loss of life. By planning ahead. Right now.



Your Special Disaster Relief Kit should be stored in something easy to carry like a knapsack or a canvas bag and contain at least:


  • One week’s supply of animal food, water and bowls
  • The Humane Society of Canada Animal First Aid Kit or other first aid kit
  • Extra leash, harness or halter
  • Roll of nylon cord or strong twine
  • Extra identification tags (the kind you can write on)
  • Strong multipurpose tool (combination screw driver, pliers, knife, can opener, etc.)
  • Waterproof flashlight and batteries
  • Portable carrier for cats and small dogs
  • Roll of duct tape
  • Waterproof marking pen and paper
  • Health records and special medicines
  • Waterproof blanket
  • Small tarp or waterproof cover
  • Small portable radio and batteries
  • Recent photo of your pet or animals
  • Adaptor cord that plugs into car/truck cigarette lighter(emergency power for a wide range of small tools, air pump, generator, battery charger, etc.)
  • Protective gloves
  • Waterproof matches or windproof lighter
  • Chew bone, catnip toy or other treat


VERY IMPORTANT: Find a place where your animal will be welcomed before disaster strikes. Many human relief shelters will not allow animals. Plan ahead by making arrangements with friends, family, a kennel, a stable, a vet or a motel/hotel outside your area that will take care of your animal. Make sure that you have a way of reaching them in AN emergency 24 hours a day. Because the safest place for your animal is with you or with someone you trust. Make sure that your animal is wearing his/her identification at all times.

SPECIAL WALLET CARD: Carry a special card in your wallet in case you become ill or injured, with instructions about who should be notified to care for your pet in the event of an emergency.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you do take your animals with you, please leave a note on the door and/or immediately notify rescue workers so that they can do their jobs more effectively and avoid placing their lives at unnecessary risk.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY ALERT DECAL: Put an Animal Emergency ALERT Decal up on all the entrances to your home to alert rescue workers that one or more animals may be inside and need help.

ANIMAL FIRST AID KIT: Purchase The Humane Society of Canada Animal First Aid Kit. The contents of the kit have been used in war zones and disaster areas around the world, and an internationally renowned team of veterinarians and experts has contributed their expertise to a comprehensive first aid manual. ALL OF THE MONEY FROM THE SALE OF THESE KITS GOES TOWARDS OUR PROGRAM TO PROTECT ANIMALS. You can also purchase other kits or make up your own.

The Disaster Relief Checklist, Special Wallet Card, Animal Emergency ALERT Decal, and Animal First Aid Kit can be obtained at our Online Store , or by contacting The Humane Society of Canada at 1-800-641-KIND.