By exercising due diligence we work to try and make all of our projects as financially self sustaining as possible by embracing the concepts of compassion and sound business principles in such a way to provide the most humane cost effective delivery of services in a timely manner that reflects well upon The Humane Society of Canada.

We always remember that every single animal and every single person is an integral part in the success of providing services now and for the future. Potential donors and the media relate to the human interest and plight of individual owners and their pets.

We need to acknowledge and accept that while crisis intervention is a necessary part of our programs, that only by changing people’s attitudes towards the treatment of animals and nature can we ever hope to create and sustain a truly “humane society.”

We depend entirely on donations to support our programs to help animals and the environment. The Humane Society of Canada is a registered charity and all donations are gratefully acknowledged with a receipt for tax purposes.

The Humane Society of Canada works to protect dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, lab animals and the environment. We carry out hands on programs to help animals and nature, mount rescue operations, expose cruelty through hard hitting undercover investigations, work to pass laws to protect animals, fund non-invasive scientific research, support animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres and spread the word about how to help animals and nature through humane education.

The following are just a small sample of our initiatives:

  • Through our Victims of Cruelty Reward Program we sought the arrest and prosecution of animal abusers, like those who shot and killed a pregnant dog, killed rabbits, and poisoned animals

  • Fought to stop the cruel and unnecessary killing of dogs and cats by inhumane animal control practices

  • Continued our work for stronger laws for wildlife, pets and livestock in times of disasters and to protect animals from cruelty

  • Gave our Animal Heroes Award to honour the memory of police horse “Brigadier” and police dog “Nitro” who were killed in the line of duty

  • Supported efforts for the passage of a US law to ban the export of horses destined for slaughter in Canada

  • Teamed up with 20th Century Fox and Garfield to support the spaying of cats

  • Long after it was no longer front page news, we were working with rescue groups to help animals affected by flooding in the Kaschewan native reserve and helping animals under fire in war torn Israel and Lebanon

  • Continue to refine our plans for Ark Angel - our state of the art charity animal hospital and teaching center

  • Represented Canada at critical international treaty negotiations to protect whales, dolphins, elephants, rhinos and tigers and other endangered species

  • Working alongside others, exposed the corruption and the cruelty of Japanese whale and dolphin killing operations

  • Supported efforts to rescue and protect our closest and most endangered cousins: gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans

  • Saving wild animals means nothing if their homes are destroyed and we are the only animal protection charity working in Canada to fight global warming, pollution, pesticide use, energy waste and promote recycling

  • Joined forces with others to help stop US oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

  • Opposed the killing of geese and other wildlife in cities and towns

  • Continue to work with Interpol to combat wildlife trafficking

  • Helped thousands of animals through the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, through rescue and veterinary care and by reuniting lost pets with their families

  • Our Silver Paws Program continues to help the pets of elderly people

  • Investigated reports of websites promoting cruelty to animals, killing of wildlife and smuggling

  • Filed a formal complaint with the CRTC in an effort to shut down the multi-million dollar broadcast of cruel rodeo spectacles

  • Supported the donation of thousands of cans of food to pet food banks and the distribution of over 2 tonnes of supplies to animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs and rescue groups

  • Worked to stop the recreational killing of wildlife, like magnificent polar bears targeted by trophy hunters

  • Promoted alternatives to the use of animals in research and teaching

  • Alerted consumers to the plight of farm animals and the environmental damage caused by intensive factory farms

  • Registered over 25,000 animals in our new Pet Recovery Team (if you haven’t already done so, contact us now about how you can sign up for this free lifetime protection for your pet)

  • Through our toll free number, news interviews, and website we have delivered our humane education messages to every community across Canada and offered Canadian expertise and support to groups in every corner of the world

  • Through our Youth for Animals program reached out to every school in Canada, promoting kindness to animals and respect for nature

  • Supported a proposed European ban on the import of seal pelts and were the only animal charity in the world who offered a ‘made in Canada solution’ to end the annual slaughter of 335,000 seals by offering to establish a sealing licence buy back program backed up with a cheque sent to Prime Minister Harper

  • Worked for a ban on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur and to protect wildlife from the horrors of leg hold traps

  • Continued in our role as the park steward for a nature reserve that is home to wildlife and a dog park

  • Offered our expertise to free beluga whales trapped in the ice, to protect wood bison in the Canadian Arctic and to stop the killing of wolves and other wild animals in British Columbia

  • Opposed the expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium and the capture of more whales and dolphins (now there are only 2 such prisons left in Canada)

  • The Humane Society of Canada depends entirely on donations to support our programs to help animals and the environment. All donations are gratefully acknowledged with a receipt for income tax purposes. If you would like to support our educational campaigns please make a donation