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Open Letter To Prime Minister Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister,

We are aware of your own personal concern for the protection of animals and those who care deeply about them.

Federal government studies have shown that over 95% of Canadians support the protection of wildlife and nature.  And that Canadians would contribute up to $ 400,00 to protect a single polar bear.

6 out of 10 Canadians share their homes with a family pet and based upon our 50 years of experience, that number is actually closer to 8 out of 10 families (some families can not have pets due to allergies, landlord and lifestyle time commitments).

What we describe as The UN Global Extinction Report issued in May 6th, 2019 is best described by its' own summary and challenges

Current global response insufficient;

‘Transformative changes’ needed to restore and protect nature;

Opposition from vested interests can be overcome for public good

Most comprehensive assessment of its kind;

1,000,000 species threatened with extinction

Whatever we do to animals and the environment, we of course do to ourselves.  We share one world, one future. We do not inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children.

As I have since 1982, I am in Geneva participating in CITES.  

As one of three co-founders in 1993 of the Species Survival Network (SSN), please find the formatted version of the SSN CoP18 Digest at the following links which reflect The Humane Society of Canada's position along with the 90 strong animal/environmental protection groups representing hundreds of millions worldwide.

We continue to post information and Canada's positions on our website and social media, and through news interviews as a part of our humane education efforts to address these critical issues of social concern to all Canadians and how they reflect Canadian values before the world 

We have made this information and ongoing updates to Ms. Carolina Caceres who is the Head of the Canadian Delegation and we will be meeting with her later this morning.

Warm regards,

Michael  O'Sullivan
Chairman & CEO
The Humane Society of Canada
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