pandaZoos often claim that by keeping wildlife in captivity, we will appreciate them more and will work harder than ever to protect species and their habitat. If this is true, then we cannot imagine a more miserable failure because animals and their habitats are facing more clear and present dangers than ever before. Roadside operations are little more than petting zoos and escaped animals have killed or seriously injured people.

Zoos in part, also encourage the keeping of exotic pets with sad consequences for the people who bought them and the animals themselves. Our investigations have shown that even respectable zoos have sold surplus wildlife that have later been used in so called canned hunts; and in other instances serve as a conduit for the illegal trafficking in wildlife. We are working to stop the creation or expansion of any new zoos, more tightly regulating existing major zoos which are funded by tax dollars and donations, phasing out roadside zoos with the animals going to proper wildlife sanctuaries, bans on the keeping of exotic pets, and positive education campaigns that protecting and respecting wildlife and their natural homes should not be predicated on the capture and enforced confinement of wildlife.