Poisonings, shootings, hangings. It seems that almost every day, another news story reports on another instance of human violence against animals. Besides the sheer cruelty of these acts, The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) knows that society should be concerned because there is a correlation between animal cruelty and violence against people. it is these types of crimes involving animals that were responsible for The Humane Society of Canada creating the Victims of Cruelty program.

The Animal Cruelty Reward fund offers $1,000 or more for information leading to the arrest and convictino of animal abusers. This is operated in conjunction with our Victims of Cruelty Fund which provides assistance for emergency veterinary medical care for animals which have been the target of animal abusers.

“Cruelty to animals is a criminal offence,” says Michael O’Sullivan, Chairman & CEO of the Humane Society of Canada. “Recent changes to the Canadian Criminal Code mean that offenders face maximum penalties of up to 5 years in prison for indictable offences and for summary convictions - fines of up to $10,000 and up to eighteen months in jail. In addition to the criminal record and fines, the person convicted can also be prohibited from owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the same premises as an animal or a bird for any period that the court considers appropriate but, in the case of a second or subsequent offence, for a minimum of five years. Damages may be awarded by the court to the person or organization that had to pay for the care of the animal as a result of the offence.” Penalties include fines, jail terms, seizure of equipment, firearms, and an order prohibiting a convicted offender of working with or owning animals. Having a criminal record results in difficulties when trying to travel to other countries or when applying for jobs and volunteer positions.

In addition to federal laws, people can also be charged under provincial animal welfare laws, in addition to wildlife and hunting laws depending on the type of case.

The Humane Society of Canada also typically asks the court to bar any of those found guilty from owning or working with animals, and also ask the courts in cases where guns are involved to force those convicted to surrender all firearms, and ban them from owning firearms, for as long as the law will allow and if two people or more planned the shooting, to charge them with criminal conspiracy.

In the past, rewards offered by The Humane Society of Canada have led to breaks in cases involving cruelty to animals and the organization hopes that it can encourage people to come forward with information.

Anyone who would like to donate to The Humane Society of Canada’s Victims of Cruelty Reward Program to help solve crimes against animals and nature can contact the organization at 1-800-641-5463 or through their website at www.humanesociety.com.



Animal Cruelty Reward Fund cases:

2011: Yorkshire Terrier Shot in Owner's Backyard in Brampton, ON

2010: Two rabbits, a goose and a chicken were killed and a goat stolen from Happy Rolph's Animal Sanctuary in St. Catharine's, ON

2009: Mud Shark beaten to death on a boat and then tossed over board in Ucluelet, BC

2009: Baby Ducks and other Wildfowl Shot in Pond in Saskatchewan

2009: Shooting of female black bear orphaning three cubs in La Brochet, MB

2009: Shih Tzu Beaten in Wilkie, SK

2009: Shooting of Three Wild Horses outside of Sundre, AB

2009: Shooting of Bald Eagle near Iona Regional Park on Sea Island, BC

2009: Poisoning of Dogs at Tom Chater Memorial Park's Off Leash Area in Mississuga, ON

2009: Poisoning of Dogs at Poplar Park in Port Perry, ON

2008: Cat Set on Fire in Lower Sackville, NS

2008: Poisoning of Dog in Burnaby, BC

2008: Poisoning of 6 Dogs in High Park's off-leash area in Toronto, ON

2008: Poisoning of 7 Dogs and Cats in Calgary, AB

2006: Dog Shot in Backyard in North York, ON

2006: Donkey Shot in Ontario

2006: Shooting of 2 Dogs in Prince George, BC

2006: Poisoning of 2 Dogs in Toronto, ON

2005: 6 Dogs Shot in Fiddler's Lake Lagoon, Yellowknife, NT

2005: Pet Rabbits Killed in Gordon Head, Victoria, BC

2005: Dog Shot in Pitt Meadows, BC

2005: Vacationing Family Has Pet Birds Stolen in North York, ON

2005: More than 50 Bald Eagles Killed in North Vancouver, BC

2004: Horses at the Mitchell Centre for Equine Rescue & Education Attacked in Vulcan, AB

2004: Two German Shepherds Stabbed in Oro-Medonte Township, ON

2004: Poisoning of 3 Dogs in Goderich, ON

2004: Poisoning of 6 Dogs in Withrow Park in Toronto, ON

2003: Bald Eagle Shot in Mt Stewart, PE

2003: Kitten Tossed onto the 401 & Dixie Rd in Mississauga, ON

2003: Arson at Woodbine Racetrack Resulting in Deaths of 34 Horses

2003: Goose & Emu Beaten at Little Farmer's Petting Zoo in Kamloops, BC

2003: 14 Endangered Red Wine Caribou Herd Killed by Poachers in Labrador

2002: 4 Wild Horses Shot in Gibbons, AB

2001: Stolen Dog in Toronto, ON

2001: Pony Shot and Decapitated in Arden, ON

2000: 5 Horses Shot in St. Paul, AB

2000: Donkey Shot outside of Timmins, ON

1999: 5 Cats Found Dead in North York, ON

1998: Disappearance of a dozen pets from Toronto's East End