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The Animal Rescue Team is HSC's easy giving program. It offers you the ease and convenience of helping our animal friends through regular monthly donations made to HSC. And it allows HSC to devote more time and precious resources to helping the animals.
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Animal Rescue Team Guarantee

If you are not one hundred percent satisfied as an Animal Rescue Team member, you can cancel or change the amount of your donation at any time ... and you can still keep your Animal Rescue Team gifts as a token of our thanks. You have nothing to lose, and the animals have everything to gain.

Questions and Answers

Q: How does the easy giving program work?
A: You simply pledge a monthly donation to HSC from your chequing or credit card account through pre-authorized payments. It's easy, safe and convenient.

Q: Is there any charge for making my gift electronically?
A: No. Only the exact amount of your donation is deducted from your account.

Q: How will I know how much has been deducted from my account?
A: The amount of the donation you specify on your Animal Rescue Team form will be recorded on your regular monthly statement.

Q: When is my gift deducted?
A: Your gift will be transferred around the first of each month. If that date falls on a weekend or a holiday, it will be deducted on the next business day.

Q: What if I decide to change my account to another bank or if my credit card changes?
A: No problem. Just complete a new authorization form. Include the new account information, and mail it back to us.

Q: If there is a problem, or the wrong amount is deducted, what do I do?
A: In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, just call one of our Animal Rescue Team toll free at 1-800-641-KIND (1-800-641-5463).

There are no cheques to write ... no postage stamps or envelopes to find. You have complete control over how much you wish to contribute. And you can stop the service at any time.

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