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To whom it may concern
I adopted Rigby in February 2014, she is a fun loving energetic medium sized dog. She is the sweetest most submissive dog you'll ever meet. Rigby is a Lab and Rotty mix she weighs 68 pounds and is 2 years old(has all shots up to date). I love her to pieces and this was very hard for me to do, but unfortunately I am 22 and my life is very unstable, I don't have the time,space, or money for her that I hoped to give her when I first got her.I have to think of whats best for her even though I truly wish I could keep her I can't. I take her out for 2 hour walks everyday. 1 hour in the morning before I go to work and 1 hour at night. She is half trained,good on a leash with her head halty, plays fetch and eager to listen(people pleaser) but unfortunately doesn't understand how to properly meet other dogs and animals(which she is currently in school for minor aggression). Although she does live with another big dog, and has lived with 3 other pitbulls when I first got her in February. She just takes time to warm up to other dogs(or sometimes not at all.. like all dogs).
Rigby needs someone who is affectionate and willing to give time and space for her. She has medium energy as long as you take her for walks she will sleep all day. She's a cuddler(of course up to you if you want her on your bed)loves to spoon. Rigby understands when something is wrong and has an awesome energy that gives off warmth and comfort.She is truly unique and amazing.
I don't know much about her background for the people I saved her from were very shady. I Can tell you this; For the first 8 months of her life she lived tied to a truck on a reserve, had puppy's(all lost or dead), then was rescued by some place in Windfield, Kelowna. She is now spayed. She is a little shy at first when meeting men or coloured people(not trying to be racist) but loves woman. Like any rescue dog it is important to pet them from underneath there head at first until they get to know you for she is scared. I honestly give her hugs all the time, and play with her ears, she is very submissive and lets me do as I please. Rigby Doesn't struggle when I clip her nails,brush her, or bath her. As long as you cox her and let her know she is safe, she will be the fun loving submissive dog she is.
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