Zara and Zeezee are looking for a new home

Two female guinea pigs in need of a new home. Comes with cage, water dispensers, a food dispenser, a sleep hut and guinea pig balls (They don't really know what to do in the balls but I usually put them in there when I clean the cage). Zara is 3 years old. She's Beige and brown with a faux hawk hairdo. I got her first and decided she was lonely. A year later, I got Zeezee. She's white and beige with a silly looking hair and red eyes. She's a lot more shy than Zara. She likes to have her carrot and hide in the hut. Zara is more cuddly. She likes to be held and pet. They need fresh bedding, vitamin enriched guinea pig food, water, salt licks and carrot treats on occasion. I would love to keep them but I work too much to give them all the attention they need. Also, I may be moving out soon and I will not be able to bring them with me.
d, Kitchener, , , Canada