In Memory of Foxy

I lost my Dog Foxy on 6/24/2011. She was the best dog in the entire world. So many people loved and cared about her. We could never go for a walk without someone stopping us and telling me how beautiful she was. It's been very hard for me getting used to not having her around considering all my free time was spent doing things with her. She loved to go for walks and rides, but most of all she loved BONES!! Every time someone would come through the back door she always insisted they give her a bone; and she would show you right where they were. :) Mention something about taking a bath and she would jet. She definitely had a personality all her own. There was never a dull moment around her and anytime I was feeling down or in a bad mood I always knew the moment I seen that friendly face she could make me feel better. I love and miss her so much and I hope the many happy memories we gathered with her far outlast the sadness of her loss. I love you Foxy and I will always keep you very close to my heart.