In Memory of Shamus

It is with deepest regret, I inform you that Shamus the wonder cat has passed away yesterday afternoon, Friday March 24, 2006 at 11 years 9 months of age. Shamus was my closest and most loyal companion who was by my side all the time.

Thank You to everyone who said prayers for Shamus, he was like my baby, I had him since he was six weeks old.

At 1:50 PM Friday afternoon he was taken in for surgery, and at 2:10 PM the doctors at the VEC hospital in Toronto informed me that the tumor was too widely spread and too close to a major artery for them to proceed successfully with the operation.

Shamus was the most intelligent cat, he was extremely friendly and was sociable with everyone, a real communicator, he would look you right in the eyes.

I often referred to him as "the Shamus" because his name means detective or investigator which he was, he was the most curios cat, and you could not hide anything from him.

When he was in a really jovial mood he had this way of trotting towards you and shifting his body from side to side and then stopping in front of you and he would tilt his head to the side and look up into your eyes with the most wonderful expression. He also liked to leap up onto your shoulder.

Every night when Shamus saw me heading for bed he would run into the bathroom and jump up on the toilet and go pee then up on the counter to have a drink of water from his cup and then onto the bed. Shamus woke me up every morning and greeted me at the door when I came home, he would always flop down and roll over on his back so that I would rub his gorgeous fur with those beautiful leopard spots on his tummy.

The last time he slept on the bed after he became ill, he stretched out beside me with his head on the pillow beside mine, and stayed there till I got up in the morning.

Shamus was very alert and ate well all along enjoying his food right to the day I took him to the hospital, but he spent most of his time the past month laying under the table beside where I sat on the couch.

I had to take him in to the hospital on Thursday evening, and all Thursday afternoon he was stretched out and purring while I stroked his tummy which he loved, and he reached up and put his paws around my wrist which he often did and pulled my hand against his chest and pressed my hand against him very tightly, he was very strong, a big orange tabby weighing 16 1/2 lbs.

Often when he was beside me on the couch he would put his big paw in the palm of my hand and press down and then I would put my finger in the space between his foot pads and he would curl his paw around my finger and squeeze tightly, he was the most loving and awesome cat on the planet.

I will have Shamus cremated and bury his ashes up at the lake, as he loved it there and he was from that area.

Shamus will be deeply missed by all who knew him


Patricia Zavor