In Memory of Toki, Jaguar, Tasha & Dah

One of the hardest things in the world to do is to decide if a life should be kept going or not. What really gives us that right to decide this? I know that it has to be done but why do we have to make that choice. It broke my heart every time I was forced to make this decision. If they had to go I wished for it to be peacefully in their sleep. It is so hard to look into the eyes of your beloved pet and tell them good bye and you are so sorry that you have to do this. This was something I had to do 3 times and it never got any easier.

Toki was my first pet, she was a cute little ball of fur when she clung to my pant leg and I looked down at her and said “ok I’ll take her” she was my first baby. I had her before I even had my son. She was the runt of her litter and all the other kittens were spoken for. I was not in the market for a pet but one look at her and I was hooked, she stole my heart and along with other items that went missing that I later found under my dresser when I moved. Then there was Michael my son. Toki guarded him like a mother would. When ever he went to bed she would go in and check his bed out and then give that look like yep now its okay for him to go to bed. Once I put him in there then she would give him the once over and jump out and climb up on my bed that she liked to share with me.

Next came Jaguar; going to the pet store to get fish food and coming out with a puppy was not what I had in mind when I started out that day. As I was reaching over the pen of puppies to get the fish food and I looked down at them all wiggly and so darn cute. Yeh like I could just go in for the food and not take a look at them. How strategic to place the puppies there! So $100 dollars later I had a puppy! I have no regrets of that day; he was another joy in my life. So cuddly and loving. He gave me so much happiness when I came home from work and there he was there to greet me and to show me what a busy day he had rearranging the garbage and tailoring my shoes. I loved it at night time when I would settle down on the couch and he would curl up on the couch with me and put him head on my lap and fall asleep. Toki would see this and come over and sit on my hip and we would all watch TV together. How peaceful.

Toki was 20 yrs old when I had to put her down. It broke our hearts. But I know that she had a good life here with us.

Tasha came to us via a relationship I had. When I met Rich he had Tasha because he had a neighbour who abused her and he took her in with him. She was a beautiful calico cat that had a slight limp when she walked as a result for the abuse. She was not used to having a pet dog but Jag was used to having a pet cat and eventually they grew to love each other.

Tasha was 18 yrs old when she had to be put down. I wasn’t any easier that time either.

Jaguar developed a lump under his eye and he had to have surgery on it. It worked for about 3 yrs and then it came back. With all his other age related health problems he was in rough shape. But he still tried to keep it up until the very end.

Jaguar was 17 yrs old when we put him down. It seemed even worse this time because now there are none of the beloved furry friends left. It still feels like a giant hole in our lives now that all of them are gone.

My dad left us in September /05, we called him Dah. He loved all animals.


Never forgotten

Your spirits run in meadows green,
Your pictures are the memories we keep.
You know the joy you all have been,
You know our love for all of you was deep.
Dah will take care of you now,
Till we meet on the Rainbow Bridge.

Toki – Oct-99

Tasha – Dec-04

Jaguar – Feb-06

Remember you always,

Love you forever.

Patti, Rich and Mike.