In Memory of Zach

Zach was a little dog with a big dog attitude. He was 9 lbs and acted like a 100 lbs body guard. His favourite was going for walks and stopping at every light post to smell and lift his leg. He loved chasing tennis balls and socks..and of course, treats! Zach loved to get his neck rubbed, almost as much as his tummy! He was with me for 17 years and I miss him terribly. Loves little Zachy!

I lost a treasured friend today
The little dog who used to lay
His gentle head upon my knee
And share his silent thoughts with me.
He'll come no longer to my call,
Retrieve no more his favourite ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called him to His golden throne.
And though my eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years
He let him spend down here with me,
And for his love and loyalty.
Author Unknown