In Memory of Harley

  • In Memory of Harley
My greyhound Harley was a very atypical greyhound when she came to me. She was taken off the track, although she was faster than other greyhounds, because of an atypical greyhound attitude. Harley couldn't be put in an exercise pen with other greys, she didn't race well without trying to cause other greys bodily harm and she certainly wasn't sweet and affectionate like other greyhounds, nor was she a couch potato. This was 13 years ago and greyhound adoption was just past its infancy and 35, 000 dogs were being killed a year so I was lucky with all her issues that she still came into rescue. When I brought her home I was so unprepared for this alligator in a dog costume. The only greyhound thing about her was her sleek, radiant coat and fantastic slim body. She was a dazzling fawn brindle with chevron stripes. Everyone who saw her was impressed with her beauty. She tried to kill my other poor sweet greyhound and any other dog that came near her. But having had only a big, headstrong, difficult breed before greys, that didn't scare me. Soon we made peace and Harley was a model dog. She went to Meet and Greets, got her Canine Good Citizen and her Therapy Dog International certificate and became a well loved Therapy Dog, learning to love other dogs as well as affection. She became a wonderful dog and friend to everyone, although she was always the alpha to all the dogs in the house including the fosters and the Great Pyrenees. Harley had such grace and dignity in everything she did and she learned the joys of loving me the way I loved her. Although we thought we would lose her many times in her 15th year, she hung on like a trooper and rallied over and over again. When it was finally time and she could handle no more, she let me know the pain was too much and she could no longer get up and I helped her to the bridge while my heart broke. She was one tough girl who got her name because of her resemblance to a biker girl, and it served her well for many years. I will always love her and miss her.