In Memory of Tori

  • In Memory of Tori
My little Tori. My constant companion and my welcome home from work night and my goodbye..see you later every morning. The fact she lived for 11 years was a miracle of its own. She was found almost dead on the engine of a transport truck that had just driven 20 miles in the heat of summer.How she survived that we will never know, But it was from the prayers and perseverance of my mother and her co-worker and her strong little will to live..and many many damp fingers of water that brought her back to life rehydrating her limp little body.i got Tori in July 1999. She wouldnt come and ask for cuddles, but certainly wouldn't turn them down either. She was diagnosed with Kidney failure December 31st,2010 and at 2:15 pm i had to make the horrible difficult decision feared by any pet owner that it was time to let her go. I can honestly say i haven't cried so hard in many many years as saying goodbye to this little life. Her suffering now over, she is in a better place romping around like a maniac and loving every minute. I do believe one day i will see her again and look forward to our reunion. Until then i shall remember her with fond thoughts and miss her hellos and goodbyes. For there short lives, they touch us so deeply we never shall forget them. Rest in Peace my little girl...i miss you dearly and you will never be forgotten and always in my thoughts.