In Memory of George Popular

  • In Memory of George
George came into our lives rather unexpectedly on May 24th, 1987 about 16 years ago. His Mother GiGi was a beautiful white miniature poodle (with Papers) very regal. She was 10 years old when it happened. One morning I heard a strange noise coming from the laundry room, ran downstairs to find GiGi hiding in the closet and this wierd looking black thing squirming on the floor. I grabbed it he seem to look up at me and I said it's okay George, and took his first breath. Since his mother would have nothing to do with him, I had to bottle feed him every three hours. Sometimes I would sing him to sleep, he liked the song from Jesus Christ Superstar, even though I sound like Edith Bunker, George didn't seem to mind, he would just drift off back to sleep..George was funny looking, as I never figured out what his father was. George had big black and white spots, but had poodle fur, long legs and a face only a mother could love. George was with us for 15 years, watched as the kids grew up, married, and had their own kids. He was with us when my Mother died, when we had to sell our house. George was with us through our good times and our bad times, through our days of laughter and tears. Always there to lick my face when I cried, and to play with me when I laughed. On April 6 2003 he wasn't doing so well, my friend drove us to the vets, I had George wrapped in a blanket. Just as we turned in the Vet's driveway, George looked up at me one last time, made a funny little sound, and I said it's okay George and he took his last breath. We had him cremated, and he resides on our mantle above the fireplace that he loved to lay beside to keep warm.