In Memory of Cole's Midnight Blazer "Tucker"

August 5th 2003 I had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
Put my beautiful English Springer Spaniel, Tucker to sleep. He had many
medical conditions, thyroid problems which led to Diabetes which led to
blindness; all of which he adjusted to with the greatest strength. We
have four children he loved so much, he would have protected them with
his life if he had to, the very last one he never got to see her
beautiful face because he had lost his sight just before she was born
but he loved them all and eagerly awaited each and everyone of their
arrivals into this world. He loved everyone especially his Grandpa who
would take him to the cottage where he love to go fishing and romp
around in the water always going in for one last dip just as the car
was being packed to go home; and Grandpa would always make sure he got
his "doggie toast" in the morning(buttered toast) his absolute
favourite thing and you couldn't forget to give it to him because he
would remind you in his own very special way. He was an incredibly
handsome young man and he had such personality; he had the most
adorable little pout. But life just finally became too much for Tucker
and it became very obvious to us that he wanted us to give him the only
thing we could do for him now and that was to say goodbye to our
faithful loving friend. After all he had done for us how could we not
give him the only thing he ever really asked from us, which was to let
him go to the rainbow bridge where he could be young and strong and
feel no pain, to regain his sight so he could wait there for us and
cross that bridge someday with us.

Always loved and forever missed our Tucker Toy, we love you boy !!!

and Daddy, Lindsey, Holden, Cassidy, Makayla, Grandpa, Grandma, Aileen,
Auntie Cher, Uncle Peter, Hope, Calvin, Grace and Bailey