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I was looking for a small dog for my birthday , and i came across a picture of a terrier-chihuahua. he had an under-bite and looked not very well taken care of but something drew me to him. i went to pick him up and the lady wanted $100 for him. her house was a state, dirty, and there were at least 5 other dogs there. i knew he was abused just by looking at him and the way he acted. i was 6 months pregnant, and i was going to buy him a leash on the drive home , i put the leash on his collar and was going to take him to pee in the dollar store parking lot. he just sat there and starred at me. then the leash fell out of my hand and i went to grab it and he got scared and ran , i fell on the ground and cut my knee up pretty bad. a few people tried to help me chase the dog, he was hiding under a car and was so scared he peed himself. i felt so bad for this poor little dog. the lady who previously owned him told me he was housebroken. but i knew there was more to it, i soon came to find out she used to lock all the dogs in this room with newspapers on the floor and little food, and every time jack would try to eat some food the other dogs would attack him. he had fleas so bad , there were several scabs all over his 5 pound little thin body. his fur was matted and his feces and urine had a bad odour. when i first got him home he ran underneath the table with his tail between his legs. i tried to feed him but he would not eat unless we were not watching. after a few days he started becoming more comfortable with me. he was even getting used to his first times outside, he would smell the grass , wondering what it was. he loved it outside. about a week and a half went by and me and this little dog jack , were getting closer and closer. i took him absolutely everywhere with me, i was pregnant with a baby, but i thought of Jack as my first son. after about 2 months, me and jack were best friends, i was so attached to this sweet, warm , loving dog as he was to me. all he wanted was someone to love him and for someone to love as well. i never did understand how someone could hurt a little dog so innocent and sweet. i treated him like a baby, he went everywhere i did. i even took him to my baby shower, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets. and if he wasn't allowed in , then i would leave. he was also a very smart dog, after only a week he was trained. he would go to the door when he needed to go out. only one problem. he hated leashes. he was only 7 pounds, as big as he would get , he was fed like a horse so i know he wouldn't get any bigger, his favourite was cesar , and every time i ate he would eat half of WHATEVER i had. anyways , the metal part on the leash would weigh him down , he wouldn't even walk up the steps to pee, so i would let him out and he would go to the top of the steps and pee, or go on the side of the house in the garden. seldom would he run across the street or down the road, and i would yell out to him or go find him and let him kn
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