In Memory of Dundee

  • In Memory of Dundee
August 19, 2002 our sweet little puppy Dundee was shot to death in our
neighbour's backyard. It was happened in the middle of the day, in
front of my two little girls and myself. A short fence divided our two
backyards (as most of townhouses). My little puppy did not know that he
went past the border. I ran to grab him but I was too late. I heard the
shot and my sweet little baby dog cried out in pain. He was so loud; he
was in such pain. I and my daughters Natalie, 4 and Lily, 7 tried to
comfort him. He died the next day, a week before Natalie's birthday. We
cried and cried and we miss you Dundee. You were such a beautiful
miniature schnauzer. You were only 4 months old. You had those two
funny ears, little cold nose; you just lost your tooth two days before
you died. I kept it in the little box. The house is still full of your
baby toys. We loved you so much. We did not have the chance to see you
grow. I keep telling to my girls that you are a little puppy angel and
you went to heaven to play with those little boys and girls that died
who never had the chance to have a dog here on earth.

We will love you forever.
Goodbye Dundee.

Anetta, Lily and Natalie