In Memory of Peanut

August 24th, 2002 we lost a member of the family. Peanut our beloved
cocker spaniel passed away in his sleep from an illness at the age of
13-14 years old. Though very playful, we all believed that he lived a
long and happy life. I am doing this on behalf of his master to let her
know that we all loved Peanut very much and that the grieving process
is never an easy thing to go through. We all try to keep a positive
image, but nevertheless we all know that the sleepless nights we have
are caused by your loss. All that remains now are your pictures and
your wonderful memories that will live on in our hearts forever.

We will never forget you Peanut.
We love you very much

Diane, Marc, Luc, Mireille, Rachel & Coquette