in memory of candy

Candy was a carmael miniture poodle puppy and she lived in Peru. She loved everyone and every one loved her. Until one day we took he to the vets because she was verry sick. The docters said "she will be fine in 1 week we will keep he here so dont worries" in spanish. after a week passed we went back to the vets and told them we were going to pick up Candy but the nurse said "we dont have any Candy in our files" in spanish I was verry worried and my family too. A month passed and we went back to the store and asked about Candy the nurse said" we found her files! but, the only problem is that shes dead" in spanish we were verry shoked we were crying untilI went back to the store and sneeked in and found Candy alive! I was happy she wasent dead! until, my luck was over the docter went and put some green fluid inside of Candy like a shot (vacination) 3 min. later she was dead until the docter left and went into action! I went to see if Candy was ok but she wasent. THE END. true story from Peru by: Amanda Cpel in memory of Candy. :(