In Memory of Hoosier

My previous collie Hoosier passed away on July 18th 2009 of a leaking lobe in his lung, to keep him alive they wanted to put him through major surgery by cutting open his chest and finding his leak. They said there could be complications due to this. Hoosier had a great 5 years with me and I decided instead of him suffering anymore; I would let him go to doggie heaven and be with my other dog Taz. He is in good hands right now. I went to the local shelter and got a puppy named Molly which is an Australian cattle dog mixed with lab, she is the joy of my life. I see things she does that remind me of my Hoosier. Hoosier please have a great life with Taz. I miss you deeply, but you are always in my heart and pictures of you are with me all the time. Love you Hoosier.