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Pet Product Recalls and Alerts

istock_000003797255mediumsmall.jpgIn an effort to help you protect your pet's health, this page contains information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the US FDA, and companies on current recalls and alerts on pet foods and products.


The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) Partners with Groupon's G-Team to Help Save Animals

Dear Friend of the Animals,

kitten and puppy snugglingWe are excited to announce that The Humane Society is being featured on with a G-Team campaign starting today October 25 until October 27th! Launched in November of 2008, Groupon is a website that features unbeatable daily deals -- 50 to 90% off - on the best local goods, services and cultural events in more than 500 markets and 46 countries worldwide.


G-Team is a community outreach initiative within Groupon that brings communities together to do good, have fun, and make an impact. G-Team has been working in Toronto to help mission-driven organizations like ours raise money and raise awareness, channeling thecollective buying power of Groupon followers and our local supporters.


We need your help to make this a successful campaign...

1. Subscribe to Groupon ( in Toronto. However, you do not need to live in Toronto.

2. Check the daily Groupon e-mail to view our campaign, which will be featured along the right hand side of the main deal and under the list of daily deals

3. Support the campaign with a pledge and spread the word to friends and family, encouraging them to do the same


Thank you for your support!


CONTACT: Michael O'Sullivan toll free 1-800-641-KIND or on his cell phone (416) 876-9685 or at


[A father with two children, and a houseful of dogs and cats, O'Sullivan has worked across Canada and in over 100 countries during the last 40 years helping people, animals and nature.]

Blessing of the Animals

blessingoftheanimalsThe Humane Society of Canada would like to thank the Cathedral Church of St James for their invitation to attend their annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony. Held on the first saturday of the month, close to the feast of St. Francis of Assissi, the Blessing of the Animals celebrates the importance of pets in people's lives, and remembers the lessons of St Francis.

It was a bright, crisp morning as the ceremony was held on the lawn of the church; after the service, owners were encouraged to bring their pets up to receive a blessing by the Minister.

Humane Society of Canada's Statement on the Canmore Bunnies

canmore bunniesThe Humane Society of Canada has written to the Mayor of the City of Canmore concerning the fate of the Canmore Bunnies.

Let us speak plainly in saying that the matter of the Canmore rabbits is not one of public health or safety; instead it is one of politics. Like all political
solutions applied to challenges facing interactions between animals and people they result in a miserable failure because they are intended to solve a political problem and not an animal welfare issue.

The suggestion by the current administration that the rabbits could be killed and then fed to other animals is pure sophistry inflaming the debate, rather than offering up any meaningful solutions. No matter how hard you try, you will not succeed in eliminating all the rabbits; in the end it will have the effect of stimulating the surviving population and producing even more rabbits.

In closing, we are willing to work with the people of Canmore to do whatever we can to implement a proactive humane long term solution for the rabbits and the people who care about them.

Please read the letter here.

How Your Donation Has Helped?


A beautiful tricolour sheltie, Brutus was rescued from a home where he suffered abuse and neglect, and welcomed into a family with two small children and their Mom and Dad who were both full time university students. Fearful at first, Brutus slowly began to trust his new found family, when sudden he fell ill. Several trips to a veterinary specialist uncovered serious infections that needed immediate surgery. Unable to afford the full cost of the life saving surgery, through the generosity of donors, The Humane Society of Canada was able to lend a helping hand, and Brutus is on the mend, safe and sound with his loving family.


Even thought times were tough and money was scarce, Lestat’s family loved and cared for him as best they could, making sure he was neutered and all of his vaccinations were up to date. Suddenly, their cheerful companion became listless and and was in extreme pain. Their veterinarian told them an expensive and immediate operation was needed to save Lestat’s life because of a urinary blockage. His family reached out to us for help, and because of the caring people, Lestat is healthy and happy back in the arms of his grateful family.