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How Your Donation Has Helped?

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great horned owlGreat Horned Owl

When birds are on their way to better feeding grounds, they are often drawn to the city lights of skyscrapers built smack dab in the middle of migratory flight paths which have existed for tens of thousands of years. This little fellow hit a window and fell to earth. Lucky for him, after a veterinary examination, and rest and recuperation, a short time later, at twilight, he was released in a heavily wooded area, and we watched him soar gracefully, hale and hearty, into the heavens.







baby foxRed Fox

Out foraging by herself, this little vixen became separate from her family, and wandered into a nearby suburb, where she was struck a glancing blow by a passing car. Bruised, but fortunately, with nothing broken, her family was located in a field not far away, where within hours she was happlly reunited with her brothers and sisters.