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How Your Donation Has Helped?

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A beautiful tricolour sheltie, Brutus was rescued from a home where he suffered abuse and neglect, and welcomed into a family with two small children and their Mom and Dad who were both full time university students. Fearful at first, Brutus slowly began to trust his new found family, when sudden he fell ill. Several trips to a veterinary specialist uncovered serious infections that needed immediate surgery. Unable to afford the full cost of the life saving surgery, through the generosity of donors, The Humane Society of Canada was able to lend a helping hand, and Brutus is on the mend, safe and sound with his loving family.


Even thought times were tough and money was scarce, Lestat’s family loved and cared for him as best they could, making sure he was neutered and all of his vaccinations were up to date. Suddenly, their cheerful companion became listless and and was in extreme pain. Their veterinarian told them an expensive and immediate operation was needed to save Lestat’s life because of a urinary blockage. His family reached out to us for help, and because of the caring people, Lestat is healthy and happy back in the arms of his grateful family.