VANCOUVER, NOVEMBER 23/2017 With Christmas and the Holiday Season just around the corner, The Humane Society of Canada is asking you to give thoughtful gifts that also help animals. “We have a wide range of gifts for your pets, family and friends. When you spend your hard earned money with us every dollar goes to help animals,” says HSC Chairman & CEO, Michael O’Sullivan.

The animal charity says that their most popular gifts are the Animal Guardian and Wildlife Guardian Programs protecting everything from polar bears and elephants to horses and birds to dogs and cats. 

November 22, 2017, TORONTO - "The arrival of biting winds, brutally cold temperatures and snow is putting some pets at risk," warns HSC Chairman & CEO, Michael O’Sullivan. 

Cold weather and snow is making its’ seasonal appearance over much of Canada making it increasingly difficult for birds to find enough food. The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) says that people and birds can both benefit when humans assist their feathered friends by supplying them with a continual supply of quality bird feed.

October 31, 2017, VANCOUVER – Halloween is a lot of fun for children, but it can be a terrifying time, and even a dangerous one, for many pets says The Humane Society of Canada (HSC). The national animal charity is asking that people ensure that their animal companions don't suffer during Halloween.

"While animal protection organizations have been effective in getting the word out about protecting black cats at Halloween, we need to be as effective about warning people with pets about more common Halloween hazards," states HSC Chairman & CEO, Michael O’Sullivan.